Project — Romo Phila


The brand Romo stands for untreated and robust children’s furniture, designed to draw attention to the massive problem of species extinction. The main purpose, however, is to enlighten especially children about this previously unknown topic. In the course of the design phase a threatened animal was chosen and the final product was developed according to its characteristics. Also, for each piece of furniture, a poster zine with detailed information about species extinction and how to save these animals in our everyday lives was specially designed for children.

For the bookshelf Phila the bee was chosen as an animal. Not only its eager collecting activity but also its special physique served as an inspiration. The division into three compartments combined with an elongated overall shape and the tapered shelves at the top, all remind of the typical physique of a bee.




Next to the products a corporate design for the brand has been developed. It includes business cards, an invoice / letter template, product flyers, packaging and posterzines, in which the children can find information about the endangered animals, such as why they are endangered, what the children can do against species extinction in their daily lives and general information about the animals. The long stretched letters in the logo symbolise, that endangered animals need more space to live, so that they can rehabilitate their species.